We stand united behind our employees. We have expert consultants, who besides their experience in the professional domain, also have the right competencies in terms of recruitment and selection. They guarantee strong results with their wide experience and their extensive network and engagement. Our consultants come from different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they work with passion and are extremely engaged in making the difference in this recruitment landscape.


Would you like to join our team? Are you passionate about people and do you see a challenge in making the right match between an employee and an organisation? Then contact us and we will consider the options.

Delphine Vanneste

Senior Consultant & Partner

Our specialities

Engineering & Supply Chain

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HR & Legal

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Sales & Marketing

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Executive Management

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Our consultants

Nancy De Coensel

Senior Consultant

Claudia Bauwens

Senior Consultant

Jan Goris

Senior Consultant

Kathleen Aps


Dirk Cool

Senior Consultant

Tessa Kuypers

Senior Consultant

Delphine Vanneste

Senior Consultant & Partner

Our vision

To represent people’s interests. That is our first priority. So we seek what people and organisations really care about. Besides training and work experience, our interviews probe deeper into personality, motivations, wishes and passion. A job vacancy is more than just a list of duties. There is a company behind it, with its people and its own culture. Our passion and strength is to seek the individual behind the company, and the person behind the CV. In this way, we stand united behind our candidate and our customer and we are able to make the perfect match.

Our values


We acknowledge and recognise the feelings and needs of others, so that we can take account of this to the full.


What you like doing, you do well. That also applies to us. Every day, our employees prove the winning combination of passion and expert knowledge.


We set ourselves a challenge, and seek innovation, other perspectives or working methods in order to serve all our customers and candidates better.


We say what we do and we do what we say: respectfully and transparently.

Result orientation

We undertake effective and efficient actions to achieve the objective, taking account of agreements and deadlines.

Our history


In 1999, entrepreneur Eric Bakker founded the Bakker & Partners company. After a successful career within the recruitment sector, he decided to set up his own recruitment and selection office. The starting points for this were quality, passion and focusing on the candidates’ talents.


The activities were expanded with individual outplacement at a senior level.


The outplacement branch expanded to include all facets within outplacement, and is now known under the brand name Travvant.


In 2010, a department was set up specialised in assessment & development centres. The takeover of the Belgian department of GITP also fits in this framework. GITP – Results through People is led as an autonomous company by Karen Breughelmans: www.gitp.be


Bakker & Partners opens a new office in Zaventem.

Charlotte Castelein and Anthony Albers, both already employed as senior consultants with the company, become partners at Bakker & Partners. In this way, we are further developing the partner structure in the organisation.


GITP – Results through People takes over Profondo. The takeover of Profondo fits in with the growth strategy of GITP. Until now, Profondo operated from Berchem. GITP – Results through People has offices in Berchem, Zaventem and Ghent. Both companies now operate under the brand names GITP & Profondo. Together, they employ 12 consultants.


In the meantime, it had been decided to incorporate the outplacement and career activities, known under the brand name Travvant, into a new organisation. This provides a more transparent contour of the economic activities and individually, the companies can develop more strongly and grow in their own activities.


Today, Bakker & Partners Recruitment & Selection is at your service with 15 Senior Consultants, each with their own expertise. We work from A to Z and as a team, with a constant focus and depth! Meanwhile, we have expanded the offices in Berchem and Zaventem with flexible working spaces, throughout Belgium. Our workplaces fit in the framework of the new way of working, where our customers can also use modern meeting and interview rooms with all the necessary facilities.

HR Excellence Awards

Jaarlijkse nominatie HR Excellence Awards in de categorie “Best Executive Search & Selection company”

Ook dit jaar was Bakker & Partners opnieuw genomineerd voor de HR Excellence Awards. Dit initiatief beloont de HR Service providers die zich onderscheiden door het brengen van innovatie, topprestaties en toegevoegde waarde voor hun klanten. De HR Excellence Awards worden georganiseerd volgens strikte en transparantregels, onder toezicht van een onafhankelijke jury die bestaat uit 12 gereputeerde HR Directors. Daarnaast zijn de Excellence Awards ook een erkenning vanuit de HR community, die ook een stem kon uitbrengen.
Bakker & Partners won de trofee in 2016.