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of your teams and individuals with the right match.

Our personal approach, specialist focus and multichannel strategy deliver rapid results. We look for the right candidates proactively, inside and outside our network, and make them enthusiastic about your company. Whether you need senior professionals to take your organisation to the next level or freelance experts for urgent or temporary projects, we will find the perfect profiles.

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Our senior consultants understand your specific requirements and offer customised solutions so you can make your organisation even stronger. Opt for a specialised boutique agency and rest assured that you will find people who will fit right in.


We are also open to talks, without obligation, with anyone who wants a change of direction in their career, and we help to put you in contact with suitable businesses.

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As a high-end recruitment agency, we bring together our expertise and network to accelerate your search for top candidates, allowing us to find the perfect match that will help your team achieve further success. There are various reasons why your organisation might need an external agency, the most common being: you do not have enough time to devote to the search, you lack the right network, you wish to expand your network, you want external advice, you are looking for extra objectivity in the selection process, or the vacancy is confidential.

At Bakker & Partners we offer a personal, result-oriented approach. We search proactively for both senior professionals and interim managers so your organisation can keep performing optimally in every situation. We find someone for you who will be the right person in the right place, whether it is for a temporary project or permanent position. As well as conducting recruitment and selection for your organisation, we aim to support you in the selection process, in identifying needs within your organisation or team, and in employer branding (in relation to the recruitment and selection process). In short, we are a talent partner with a focus on recruitment.

Our specialist focus, based on a domain- and goal-oriented approach and a multichannel strategy, delivers rapid yet sustainable outcomes by finding the best possible candidates who are perfectly aligned with your wishes. We stand out from the crowd thanks to our senior consultants who have very extensive networks and vast expertise in their sectors, as well as our holistic, A-to-Z approach to filling vacancies. Alongside this, we are flexible and pragmatic and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our senior consultants are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industries and sectors in which Bakker & Partners is active. They are responsible for their assignments from start to finish, which ensures optimum control and commitment. They are your contact person from the first meeting until the vacancy is filled, and they carry out all of the following tasks: market research, contacting, interviewing and presenting candidates, and guiding the selection procedures. More about us.

We begin with an extensive analysis of your needs before using our extensive networks and channels to approach potential candidates. We screen and interview candidates, then put forward only the most suitable ones. We also follow up with you regularly once the vacancy has been filled.

Contact us for a chat, so we can get to know you. We will listen to your wishes, talk about your needs and explain how we can help you find the ideal candidates to strengthen your organisation.


years combined experience


screened candidates in our database


years active on the Belgian market


An outside-the-box approach that delivers on its promises. 


Professional methods founded on expertise. 


Committed Senior Consultants providing honest advice.


We build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, based on mutual trust and understanding. Our experienced Senior Consultants have years of experience and a unique network within their respective sectors.

This means we can make a difference quickly and efficiently. We always go the extra mile to find the ideal fit who is perfectly aligned with your specific requirements and ambitions.


an international network of executive search offices.

Each member of IMD is a boutique office that operates autonomously. They approach the market in the same way we do: as entrepreneurs. CEOs and partners are also actively involved in recruitment and selection across a broad range of sectors. Within this network, participating
offices exchange expertise, strategies, and contacts. As a company, you benefit from the valuable added value of these connections.

  • Access to foreign candidates
  • Local anchoring with experts on site
  • Guaranteed expertise and quality
  • No language or other barriers

Do you have a vacancy at a branch of your company outside Belgium? We would be happy to put you in contact with an executive search office that will serve you in an equally qualitative manner.