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Strategy for the Corporate Level

Strategy for the Corporate Level

All multi-business companies need a corporate-level strategy to provide a clear vision for managing current business and new investments. Strategy for the Corporate Level addresses both business and management strategy to help executives deal with major decisions relating to investment, acquisitions, market entry, supervision of management, and corporate centralization of activities.


Strategy for the Corporate Level uses three important logics to guide such decision-making: business logic, added value logic and capital markets logic. These key perspectives will enable executives to make more effective decisions about their business portfolio by providing a structure to approach each challenge.


Grounded in academic literature and using real-life examples from industry, Andrew Campbell brings us the latest on corporate-level strategy. This book will help readers to understand and address their concerns about corporate-level strategy and provide a range of perspectives to help make important strategic decisions.


This book is for executives with strategic responsibilities, as well as junior mangers and students looking to understand corporate-level strategy. It is of relevance to conglomerates, large focused companies and public sector organizations. Strategy for the Corporate Level comes complete with additional online resources, providing managers and students alike with all the tools they need to structure and review effective corporate strategy in organizations.

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